Manchester and Saddleworth timelapse

Time-lapse video of an event, maybe a building project, a production process,anything that takes time, can tell a real story that draws viewers in.  There is a lot of competition out there in grabbing people’s attentions, and more importantly in keeping it and staying front of mind.  A great time-lapse video combined with your branding, and a great choice of music, makes a really powerful medium to shout about your business or event.

Obviously time-lapse video takes time, depending on what’s being filmed but most things are possible, just ask if you have an idea but aren’t sure how or whether it can be done – that’s my problem to figure out.  I’m happy to chat and give you some guidance, you can call me on 07903 934811 or email info@kentopham.net.

I’m currently working on a time-lapse showing the Manchester skyline throughout the day.  I’ll update it here when it’s ready.

Some examples of time-lapse promotional video

This was taken from the balcony of the fantastic new KPMG offices in the centre of Manchester.

A recent manufacturing client had an open day and had a time-lapse video shot for use on their website after the event.


Newgrange Farm – open farm and archaeological site – used the following time-lapse video to promote their “Lambing Live” event which heralded the opening of the farm each year.  This one involved a lot of lying around in straw in the middle of the night!

 A boutique hotel client was having a hot air balloon launch one beautiful and very early Sunday morning and I shot this short time-lapse video for them, again for promotional purposes.  I’m glad they remembered me the following night, when I got to have a little flight instead of just watching from the ground.


manchester and saddleworth timelapse

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