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Time lapse Photography

So I’ve started to make a few time lapse videos, to get the basics under my belt.
I’ve been hoping we might get a few days of nice frosty mornings, so that I could put something together shot over a few days morning and evening.
Due to the maritime climate we get here in Ireland this has been illuding me! We seem to get a clear night and rubbish mornings or the other way around.
Anyway I have been testing a few different methods of capturing the images mostly with my DSLR, of which I am a canon user and I have found a group of clever folks who created some firmware called Magiclantern  http://www.magiclantern.fm/
These lads really know their stuff It’s firmware that runs from your memory card and opens up a huge amount of functions in your canon DSLR (sorry no Nikon version) including an intervolometer (this allows you to set your camera to take a shot at pre determined intervals) with lots of custom settings. (note this will void any warranty you have on your unit)

So ML loaded up tripod ready… not much nice whether, so I have made a few short time lapses at home mostly… next how do I make all of my stills into a time lapse?
Google it…. and this guy came up http://goo.gl/NNA7l
So lightroom is capeable of processing stills to movie, excellent I have that program so with a few movies made and while the whether is mucky. I decided that as well as making my website better I would learn A bit of video editing too.

Google at hand and premiere pro open I set to work, this may seem a little over the top but these are things I would like to introduce into my work as a photographer, so my time was invested back into my business by learning some new skills.

Here are my efforts so far!