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Old family pictures

A friend called me a while ago and said, ‘Ken I have a few old family pictures and I was wondering if you could scan them and make them digital for me’ So I ┬ásaid yes no problem I have a good scanner that can scan Negatives and prints.

Anyway it was a nice job to be handed such a huge chunk of family history and I was flattered to be given the responsiblity,  being able to see the good times they had as kids when life was a bit simpler.

I scanned as many negatives as I could as they retain more information than the prints, but they do damage easily and some of them were older than me looking at the format, 127 film in some cases… they were my favourite images.

I tried to be careful with the images and not over correct them or over retouch as I love the look of the old prints.

1007 images later I said they were finished, next time someone says a few I’ll check what a few is!


Old family pictures scanned and restored