My name is Ken, I am a professional photographer.


I work in Dublin, Meath, Louth, and surrounding areas, I work in many areas of Photography some days I’m a Meath Wedding photographer  some days I’m a Product photographer in Dublin, and when I’m not doing that I can be Making time lapse movies of the beautiful local area.

As a Meath Wedding photographer  I try to be as organised as creative, I believe putting the couple at ease is a great way to start the relationship, when ever I shoot a wedding I like to make a plan of how the day will hopefully flow.

I meet with the couple to get to know them and take their engagement picture if they wish. I visit the church or place where the ceremony will take place and then the reception venue, I do it all in the order of the wedding so I know where everything is going to happen.

As a photographer my favorite subject is people, so whether I am telling the story of your wedding day or making some portraits to show a social issue the work is always of equal importance to me.

Located in the beautiful Boyne Valley near Slane I am close to the M1 and N2 so it’s a brilliant place to be to get to anywhere, If I need to get to a location… from Belfast to Dublin, Drogheda to Navan and all stops along the way.

The green of county Meath is very much like Cheshire where I grew up but with more Castles and megalithic tombs!  I studied photography in England and achieved a foundation degree in contemporary photography practice, and have gained broad experience in fashion photography, room set photography and all sorts of commercial location shoots.

As well as working as a commercial photographer shooting products and people and a Meath Wedding photographer  I work on my own Documentary projects from food production to town centers, nothing is safe from my lens!

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Photographing weddings in Meath, Dublin and Louth with care and passion.


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